Conference Highlights

Here are some of the things you can expect from the conference

Learning Themes

The 15th IC is a mix of plenary presentations, synthesis sessions, and concurrent breakout discussions on inclusive education and its relationship to the learning themes: i) Inclusive Leadership, ii) Inclusive Learning Culture, and iii) Inclusive Policies and Practices. 

Open Space Technology (OST)

A selection of compelling stories addressing the three learning themes will frame the conference deliberations. Learning conversations will be facilitated using a modified Open Space Technology approach that will engage participants to discuss education-related issues as well as exchange and share new ideas and best practices in the implementation of inclusive teaching and learning strategies in the region.

Conversation Weavers

"Conversation Weavers" will facilitate the creation and tapestry of lessons learned or a synthesis supported by a shared action agenda that participants can apply in their own settings. The synthesis will help the participants make sense of the shared stories and discussions to redefine their own understanding of inclusion and how they can help support and improve access to quality education for all.

Online Community

Take part in our pre-event conversations! Share your thoughts, ideas, and stories on issues surrounding inclusive education. Visit our Facebook page:!

You may also keep up with the narratives by using the hashtag #inclusiveEDnarratives on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Silent Auction

Take pride in your community's local product! The Silent Auction is a venue to buy and sell items up for bids. Just like a typical auction, buyers place bids on an item they want to buy, but this time, there is no auctioneer. Buyers place their bids on a sheet of paper! Sellers may opt to claim or donate the proceeds of their auctioned item.

We invite you, our participants, to bring a unique item from your community/country for the Silent Auction!